This vintage look soft and comfy shirt was rescued from a local thrift store and upcycled into one-of-a-kind artful apparel. The nature of my sewing is raw edge patchwork and embroidery. The patches will continue to fray over time for a distressed look and the painting will fade slightly over time.


*This shirt was handpainted, stamped, stenciled, appliqued, and embroidered! I spend several hours on each shirt, adding just the right finishing touches. If you would like to make your own artful apparel, register for my private facebook workshop: Artful Apparel With Fruitful Life Studio, registration is still open.


Size: This shirt is a Converse One Star Size Large. I added photos of the measurements. Grab a shirt with a fit you love and then compare the measurements to see if this is the right fit for you.


Care: Do not pull on fraying threads, which might result in appliques or patches ripping. Simply give the shirt a gentle haircut with some scissors if the fraying is excessive. Wash in cold water, inside a mesh laundry bag, on the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat for a few minutes inside a laundry bag and then hang dry. Steam or iron if needed. Your artful apparel will last longer if care is taken. 


*No returns or refunds are accepted, so please ask any questions before your purchase. Thank you!

Comfy Sunflowers in Jar Shirt, Long Sleeve Large, Hand Painted, Upcycled

  • Fruitful Life Studio is unable to accept returns. Please email me with any questions you have before purchasing. Thank you.