This patriotic denim snap crotch onesie was rescued and refashioned into one-of-a-kind artful apparel from my Boho Farm Frocks Collection. The nature of my sewing is basic and raw edge applique and embroidery. The patches will continue to slightly fray over time for a distressed look.  If you are looking for factory precision, you will not find it here! 


*This onesie was  hand painted, stamped, applique'd, and embroidered.  


I spend several hours on each clothing item, adding just the right finishing touches. If you would like to make your own artful apparel, register for one of my online video workshops.


Size: 18 months


Care: See the photo for recommended washing instructions.


*No returns or refunds are accepted, so please ask any questions before your purchase. Thank you!

18 mos. Denim Butterfly Onesie: Boho Farm Collection, Size 18 months